Friday, July 18, 2008

Testicles, Testicles, 1 - 2...can you hear me?


Now that we have your attention. This is Lindsey and Andres. We are a young, almost married couple living in the thriving metropolis of Tyler, Texas with our 3 dogs, Oskar, Hogan, and Andy Roddick. Hmmm, what now? A little about ourselves? Lindsey is a K-2 deaf ed teacher, aspiring homemaker, and general pain in the ass. Andres is a tennis instructor, coffee connoisseur, and all around lovable guy. WOW! Who is writing this? We will marry on August 16, 2008 and are loving every minute of it.

Now, to the true rulers of the house, the dogs. Oskar is a crotchety little guy who is quite fond of Lindsey, hiding under the bed, and driving Andres absolutely crazy. Hogan is a laid back, lazy little fellow who literally does nothing. Andy Roddick is the newest addition to the family who has quickly acquired the lounging habits of Hogan; true contortionists who live for the "dead roach" position for all their daily naps.
This is our first attempt at blogging and guarantee pointless ramblings and muses for you enjoyment and pleasure.