Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sweet Smart Dreams....

Andres' car finally bit the dust. We had hoped it would hold us through summer but we weren't so lucky. We have been throwing around ideas about what to get next. I have wanted a Smart Car since the first time I saw one. I think they are so cute, and fun, not to mention totally gas efficient. Well, I think that I might get one! I have sweet Smart Car dreams...ha ha. I think Andres is going to keep driving the Altima and I am going to try and find a used or "orphaned" Smart Car. I can't wait! Check that baby out!

Interview Time

Right after we returned from Austin, we received a notice in the mail from USCIS scheduling our interview. This is another huge step in the process. We will go to Irving on March 12th for our interivew. We will answer questions about ourselves, provide proof and pictures of our life together, etc. It is a nerve wracking thing to think about but we have nothing to hide and are just excited to get going. After our interivew, Andres will get his permant resident status card, yay! One step closer!

On the road to recovery...

It has been a while since I have updated...there has been a lot going on lately. On January 19th, my beloved doxie Oskar had to have emergency back surgery. We had gone to Austin to visit my dad and Brenda and also to pick up my bridesmaid dress for my friend Rachel's wedding. While we were gone, Oskar started acting like he really didn't feel well. By the time we got home Sunday night, he was very wobbily in his back legs, super lethargic, and hardly able to stand. By the next morning, he was totally down in his back legs. We went into the vet that morning and on directions of the doctor, continued on to Dallas to see a specialist. Dr. Bertrand, in Dallas, agreed that Oskar was an excellent candidate for back surgery to repair his ruptured discs which were pushing on his spinal cord and causing him to lose feeling in his back legs.
Oskar had surgery on Monday and was able to come home on Wednesday. Since he has come home, he is healing really well. As part of his recovery he must stay in a pen during the day, sleep in a crate at night, and be on full rest while sitting with me on the couch for 8 weeks. It is a long time but will hopefully ensure Oskar is back and raring to go.
To all Doxie lovers, please keep those little rascals from jumping, on and off furniture, keep their back aligned when they are being held and carried, and also avoid letting the climb stairs.