Saturday, July 25, 2009

We're Leaving On a Jet Plane.... Colombia. We booked our tickets last night and we will be going to Colombia for Christmas this year. We are really excited. This will be my first time to Colombia and Andres' first time in several years. So, to get in the mood for my future travel plans, I made a passport cover to match my wristlet. I think it turned out super cute and fits just perfect. (That's actually Andres' passport...I have to get mine this week!)

2 Pretty Wristlets

I found a great tuorial for these cute little wristlets at Javajem Knits blog. It is really easy and didn't take too long. I made 2 yesterday. I need a little improvement in the zipper area but for a 1st attempt, I was pretty satisfied. See how cute.

Doggie Vests

One of my favorite blogs in Kalyxcornucopia, a daily blog posted by Baxter, the red dachshund and his human. It is really cute and just fun reading. As I was reading one day, I noticed Baxter had a super cute harness/vest and the post said his human made it. I decided to make a few harnesses for my 2 little doxies. I got the pattern from Hancock Fabrics; Kwik Sew 3517. It was super easy and they turned out really cute. I made a few modifications to meet my specific needs. I got some blue herringbone denim and lime green fleece from the remnants bin, a 1/2 yard of nylon webbing, velcro, and a couple of D rings and got to work. See how they turned out.

A New Toy...

I found myself feeling a little bored this summer and decided I would get a little something to play with to keep my busy. A sewing machine. I am so excited and having a lot of fun. I got a Brother Project Runway Limited Edition from Wal Mart...its a pretty basic machine that has a few bells and whistles. It is really cool. I have my little sewing center all set up in the spare bedroom and am having a ball. Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Puppy Photo Shoot

With my dad celebrating his birthday this July, the puppies had a photoshoot for his "homemade" gift. Andres and I took the dogs to a beautiful park here in Tyler and took tons of pictures. My dad and Brenda have just bought a beautiful new house and my dad has his very own "Man Cave". What does every Man Cave need? Puppy dog wall art of course. See the puupy pictures below. Enjoy!

Communication Skills Workshop...oh my!

This summer, myself and 4 other deaf ed teachers decided to face the challenge of Communication Skills Workshop held yearly at Texas School for the Deaf in Austin. It was an amazing experience but one that did not come completely easy. We spent 5 days fully imersed in a signing environment while attending 21 different classes learning all we could about American Sign Language, deaf culture, vocabulary, and language. I had a blast and can't wait to go back next summer. Super fun!

I am a Master!

I have officially finished my Master's Degree. I am still in shock...I actaully made it. Who'da thunk it? I finished up this summer and am awaiting my diploma. It seems very strange to not be enrolled in school and worrying about when I am going to do all the assignments I have put off until the last minute. I am so very glad it is done. I feel very accomplished!

Who is a permanent resident?

Andres is! YAY! Andres offically became a permanent resident of the United States this summer, actually on July 3rd to be exact. As we prepared to go out of town to celebrate America's Independence, Andres celebrated his personal American Independence. It was a great day. Almost a year in the making and the light at the end of the tunnel was finally realized. We are so very blessed and excited!

Worst Blogger Award

...and the winner is: Lindsey! It has been FOREVER since I posted. It has been busy around here, but that is no excuse. Things are going really good in our little world. Andres and I will celebrate our 1st anniversary on August 16th. I can't believe it! Seems like just yesterday, yet seems like a lifetime ago that we said "I do". I finished my 2nd year of teaching at Clarkston. I just love my job and have so much fun everyday! Andres is still working hard in school at TJC. I am going to be posting several updates today about everything that has transpired since I posted last. Hope you enjoy!