Saturday, December 6, 2008

School Boy

Andres is going back to school! YAY! Since we are in process of obtaining his green card, he can now qualify for in state tuition...whew! As an international student, tuition was around 1500 for 12 hours, now as a local, in state student, his tutition is only 764 for 12 hours. He got all registered and is gearing up for being back in school. I am really excited for him.

We Did Give Thanks

For Thanksgiving this year, Andres and I went to visit my mom and Terry in North Idaho. We had a great time. We rode horses, tended a sick calf, cooked and ate until I thought we would burst. It was a nice break and a wonderful visit. I have 5 younger brothers and sisters and we had a really fun time hanging out with them. While we were there we also celebrated Christmas. We are back in Texas and back to work, sigh! Only 2 more weeks until Christmas break! YAY!!! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving too!