Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cooking and Working Out??

You read right...and Hell hasn't froze over. With the new year came New Years Resolutions. I am finally committing to getting my weight under control, I am tired of fighting it. I am doing Weight Watchers Simply Filling technique. I love it. I am not hungry, feel good, and am eating delicious, healthy foods. So where do these delicious foods come kitchen of course. You heard right...I am COOKING! I never liked to cook before but I have found a new passion. I am constantly on the Weight Watchers boards looking for new recipes. Andres even likes the would never know it is "diet food". I feel so good being able to prepare healthy foods for he and I...I cook and he cleans the kitchen...its a win win!!! Ha! So in the same vein of losing weight came the dreaded exercise. I HATE exercising. I had some Christmas money and decided to give myself the best gift I could...I hired a personal trainer to help me get started with a fitness program and on the right track to LOVING exercising. He is awesome; Aaron. I really am starting to love exercise. We meet once a week and he gives me a routine. I follow it for the week and then we meet again the the end of the week and I get a new routine...I am loving lifting weights and feel so good that I am doing something for me and taking care of myself. Andres is working out too. Tonight, we even tried spinning class...ouch! The seats are entirely too small for my hiney but I think they would be for anyone over the age of 8. We only made it about 1/2 way through the class but I will definetly go back and try again. I did feel good with my sweat soaked hair and shirt! We will keep you posted on our weight loss journey.

Have you missed us?

It has been a great start to the new year, definetly busy. Andres got his work permit right around New Years was a glorious day. It felt so good to have 1 thing behind was complete and we are on the track to getting his Greencard. He is actively looking for a job now. He got started back in school and is having a great time. He gets to play tennis everyday - he has a good time. I am back at work; it's busy but good. I love my job and my students so that is a blessing. Hope you all had a wonderful New Year and are enjoying 2009 as much as we are.